12 Best Quotes on the Future of Healthcare

1. “In 10 years the electronic medical record will be the minor player, in terms of where a person’s health history lives. Most of that information will be kept on the phone or in a secure cloud, and the patient will be highly engaged with collecting, curating and sharing that data. Most doctor visits will be like calling up a YouTube meets virtual human docs and there will also be an aspect of virtual reality.” – Leslie Saxon

2. “For the first time really we’re discovering physicians are expressing much more openness and willingness to consider information about their patients coming from DIY devices.” – Ceci Connolly, Leader of PwC’s Health Research Institute

3. “You have these healthcare systems who are basically sticking to a portal and they’re kind of looking to their health IT vendors — who they’re already paying lots of money — to roll out mobile apps, telemonitoring solutions, and things like that. And the vendors are like, ‘The doctors and the hospitals they tend to want things to get them the meaningful use dollars.’ So it’s like, who’s going to move first to these newer technologies?” – Naveen Rao, Analyst, Chilmark Research

4. “Traditionally, remote monitoring is seen as a short-to-medium term adjunct to regular care to empower patients for self-management following hospitalization. Long-term use is not usually feasible due to cost. However, based on our findings, we speculate that increasing the duration of the program to enable patients to develop self-competency may improve outcomes.” – Dr. Stephen Agboola, Massachusetts General Hospital

5. “The first thing we ought to recognize is that mobile is now part of the fabric — every day in everybody’s life. So if you’re not looking at mobile solutions, then you’re not really looking at all solutions.” Mal Postings Global CTO — IT Advisory Ernst & Young

6. “You have to understand what are they worried about, what are their fears, what are they trying to do? If we don’t engage with them that way, it doesn’t matter what technology we use.” – Roy Rosin, Chief Innovation Officer, Penn Medicine

7. “The irony of reducing waste and improving the health of the employer-sponsored population — for over 100 million Americans — is that it’s not a health problem, but rather a marketing and IT problem.” – Josh Stevens, CEO, Keas

8. “That’s going to be the story for the next year or so: [digital health] moving from a curiosity, to a research tool, to an actual mainstream, accepted clinical tool. I think it’s very exciting.” – Corey Bridges, CEO, LifeMap Solutions

9. “We believe consumer health technologies — apps, wearables, self-diagnosis tools — have the potential to strengthen the patient-physician connection and improve health outcomes.” – Dr. Glen Stream, Chairman, Family Medicine for America’s Health

10. “[Physicians] are going to look at you sideways if you ask them to align, but if you ask them to be the leaders and determine what the future will look like, they will rise to the challenge.” – Lucy Hammerberg, MD, chief quality officer of Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, Ill.

11. “Value-based care is the right step towards a quality focused care. Value is measured by either improvement in (1) quality of life or (2) length of life for the patient. The individual patient’s perception of these two measures are a major factor in the determinant of value, allowing the patient to be a vital member of the care team.Therefore, the success of value-based care depends on doctor-patient communication.” – Dr. Simon Lorenz, Co-Founder of Klara

12. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin

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