14 Quotes You Need To Hear Before Your Female-Focused Marketing Campaign

On failing upward:

“I want [to hire] people who have failed. I want people who know how to stage a comeback.” – Heidi Heikenfeld, CFA, Portfolio Manager, OppenheimerFunds

“You make mistakes, you might make wrong decisions. But the courage of conviction is the only integrity that you need to have.” – Priyanka Chopra, Actress

“Once you fail publicly, in a weird way, it frees you to be even better and bolder.” – Julie Wainwright, Founder and CEO, The RealReal

On defying convention:

“I was aware that people would have preconceptions—I was a Spice Girl, married to a footballer—but I didn’t focus on that, and the clothes spoke for themselves.” – Victoria Beckham, Creative Director, Victoria Beckham

“As a black woman, I found that when I did get an audition, it was for a very stereotypical role—and I knew I was more than that. The Internet gave me a place to create characters I felt spoke to me and aligned with my values.” – Franchesca Ramsey, Actress

“I’m starting a movement called #repeat, #stylerepeat. I proudly wear the same dress again, and again, and again.” – Arianna Huffington, Thrive Global CEO

On supporting women:

“If you only focus on your own advancement, you run out of fuel quickly. But if you focus on something bigger than yourself, that power…ultimately helps you endure.” – U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao

“Giving [employees] the chance to recharge makes a huge difference in [their] capacity to be resilient.” – Huffington

“Be a champion for another woman.” – Jeri Ward, SVP and Chief Communications Officer, Audi of America

“Find a professional tribe. Find a group of 3-5 people you can go to when you’ve hit a wall at work…or just need to vent.” – Laura Weidman Powers, Cofounder, Code2040

On claiming your career:

“We have a saying at Deloitte—’less wishbone, more backbone.’ Rather than keeping your head down, doing a good job, and hoping you get noticed, actually have the backbone to ask for what you want—and be strategic in those asks.” – Dr. Terri Cooper, Chief Inclusion Officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP

“At the age of 54, I was unemployed. I figured out…I’m not going to get my dream job, I’ve got to make my dream job. You’re never too old to find your best, bold self.” – Wainwright

“I decided after a while I was never going to win the looks battle. I focused on the brains part. I focused on doing the job better than anyone else could do it.” Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo CEO

On life balance:

“The world has changed. For me, this is the big issue of our time—ending the delusion that to succeed you have to burn out.” – Huffington


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