26 Powerful Public Health Quotes For You

1. “A tremendous amount of needless pain and suffering can be eliminated by ensuring that health insurance is universally available.” – Daniel Akaka

2. “Pioneering spirit should continue, not to conquer the planet or space … but rather to improve the quality of life.” — Bertrand Piccard

3. “Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.” — Michelle Obama

4. “Forty-three years of independence, we [in Northern Kenya] still don’t have basic health facilities. A man has to be transported in a wheelbarrow 20, 30 kilometers for a hospital.” — Joseph Lekuton

5. “There are some countries in sub-Saharan Africa where there’s one optometrist for eight million of the population.” — Joshua Silver

6. “We are all much healthier than we were 20 years ago, but mentally, we’re falling apart. The World Health Organization now estimates that one out of five people on the planet is clinically depressed.” — Stephen Petranek

7. “In resource-rich countries … 98 percent of babies are born HIV-negative. Yet, in resource-poor countries, in the absence of tests and treatment, 40 percent of children are infected.” — Mitchell Besser

8. “One thousand one hundred children each day, infected with HIV. Where do they come from? Less than one comes from the United States; one, on average, comes from Europe; 100 come from Asia and the Pacific; and each day, a thousand babies with HIV in Africa.” — Mitchell Besser

9. “Sub-Saharan Africa has 24 percent of the global disease burden, yet only three percent of the world’s health care workers.” — Mitchell Besser

10. “For he who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.” – Owen Arthur

11. “It is time that we take control and find a way to curtail the explosive costs of health care. Small businesses deserve a chance to channel these funds toward other needs, such as expanding and creating more jobs for the economy.” – Christopher Bond

12. “A human body is a conversation going on, both within the cells and between the cells, and they’re telling each other to grow and to die; when you’re sick, something’s gone wrong with that conversation.” — Danny Hillis

13. “If a child in its first thousand days — from conception to two years old — does not have adequate nutrition, the damage is irreversible.” — Josette Sheeran

14. “This isn’t one of those rare diseases that we don’t have the solution for. We know how to fix hunger.” — Josette Sheeran

15. “Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do, especially in the inner city. Plus, you get strawberries.” — Ron Finley

16. “The greatest public health threat for many American women is the men they live with.” – Anne Quindlen

17. “If you should speak to anyone affected by a mental illness, the chances are that you will hear stories of hidden suffering, shame, and discrimination in nearly every sector of their lives.” — Vikram Patel

18. “Every 10 seconds we lose a child to hunger. This is more than HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.” — Josette Sheeran

19. “I want to talk to you about one of the biggest myths in medicine, and that is the idea that all we need are more medical breakthroughs and then all of our problems will be solved.” — Quyen Nguyen

20. “Cancer is a passport to intimacy. It is an invitation, maybe even a mandate, to enter the most vital arenas of human life, the most sensitive and the most frightening, the ones that we never want to go to — but when we do go there, we feel incredibly transformed.” — Bruce Feiler

21. “When elected officials abandon our environment and ruin our natural resources, public health is endangered. I know the importance of providing a clean environment for our children; I have attended more than one funeral for a child who has died from an asthma attack.” – Gwen Moore

22. “The obligation of the government to protect the public health, safety, morals and general welfare.” – Allan Wolf

23. “If compassion is so good for us, why don’t we train our health care providers in compassion so that they can do what they’re supposed to do, which is to transform suffering?” — Joan Halifax

24. “A billion people depend on fish for their main source for animal protein. At the rate at which we are losing fish, it is a human problem of enormous dimensions, a health problem of a kind we haven’t seen before.” — Pavan Sukhdev

25. “And I believe that the best buy in public health today must be a combination of regular physical exercise and a healthy diet.” – Julie Bishop

26. “Faced with severely limited resources, a smaller-sized child with reduced energy requirements will, in fact, have a better chance of living to adulthood.” — Annie Murphy Paul


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